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We offer a holistic pathway of care before, during and after surgery – at no extra cost to you.

The Joint Replacement Clinic (JRC) excels in providing all patients with private health insurance a patient-centric, comprehensive and holistic joint replacement service with No-Out Of-Pocket Expense for surgery, anaesthesia, hospital stay, physiotherapy, transport to and from hospital and home care for the first week following discharge.


Our orthopaedic surgeons are highly trained and experienced. They specialise in primary and revision hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery. They use state of the art methods and techniques, while remaining at the forefront of new and innovative operative practices and procedures.

Learn more about our Surgeons, Prof Jegan Krishnan and Dr Sunil P Reddy.


  • Total Knee Replacement, including Robotic-Assisted Total Knee replacement.
  • Total Hip Replacement, including Direct-Anterior Total Hip Replacement.
  • Total Shoulder Replacement.
  • Revision Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacements.

Before and After Surgery Treatment

In achieving the best outcomes for patients, we provide an excellent patient care pathway before, during and after surgery to minimise your worries at no cost for you.

Before your operation

  • You will receive a Physiotherapy consult and Home Care Nurse assessment.
  • Anaesthetist consult at his / her Rooms will be organised by our Team.

Day of Surgery

  • Transport to hospital.
  • Admission to hospital and surgery on the day.

Day 1 to 2/3 post-operative period (Hospital)

  • Once your operation is complete, you will begin the recovery process with an inpatient physiotherapist at the hospital who will explain to you the exercises you are required to undertake to ensure optimal recovery.
  • JRC will arrange for any aids to be supplied if required for the first week post-surgery (walking frame, walking stick, toilet seat raiser and shower chair).
  • Transport home.

Day 3/4 to 10 Post-operative period

  • Following discharge from hospital, JRC provides home - care for the first week and out-patient physiotherapy sessions to assist in your speedy recovery and ensure a safe and caring period till your first review by the JRC Nurse at 2 weeks.

2 to 8 weeks Post-operative period

  • Our physiotherapist will organise outpatient physiotherapy sessions at a location and time convenient to you.


For all enquiries about The Joint Replacement Clinic or if you would like to make an appointment with one of our orthopaedic surgeons, contact 1300 000 572.