Welcome to The Joint Replacement Clinic

Excellence made more accessible and affordable

We are a team of experienced Joint Replacement Surgeons who came together to establish a holistic pathway of care for arthritis surgery of knee, hip and shoulder. Our philosophy of care is centred around you – the patient. Our focus is not just up-to-date evidence-based care and a high standard of expertise. More importantly our constant focus is our patients, our community and their needs. We strive to deliver a high standard of orthopaedic care that is compassionate, inclusive and constantly improving.

We believe in optimising non-operative management of arthritis and will work with you to keep you away from the operating theatre as much as possible. When arthritis is end stage and very symptomatic we offer up to date and evidence-based technology and our combined 40 years of cumulative experience to achieve the best possible outcomes in joint replacement surgery.

The Joint Replacement Clinic (JRC) provides a comprehensive arthroplasty service to all South Australians with private health insurance at No ‘out of pocket expense’ for:

  • Surgeon.
  • Anaesthetist.
  • Physiotherapy (includes pre-operative consult and 7 post-operative sessions).
  • Hospital Stay.
  • Transport to and from hospital by RDNS.
  • RDNS home care following discharge for 7 days.
  • Follow-up Surgeon consultations and care.

We specialise in:

  • Total knee Replacements, including Robotic-Assisted TKR.
  • Total Hip Replacements, including Direct-Anterior THR.
  • Total Shoulder Replacements – Anatomic and Reverse.
  • Revision Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacements.